Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hound Home From The Hospital

Blogging is likely to be somewhat sporadic for the next sum of days, and no, not because we plan to win the free case of beer given away on "Thirsty Thursday" by the local Double A baseball team, but because we are nursing one of the famous IM Central Pack 'O Hounds back to health. You met the boys previously. The particular hound in need of our care services is Rollie who was recently diagnosed with Cervical Vertabral Instability otherwise known as "Wobbler's Syndrome."

This syndrome caused the old boy (11) no small amount of pain which, eventually, medications could not touch necessitating surgery. As you may imagine, neck surgery on an 11 year old dog is no small undertaking, but in true IM fashion Rollie came through with all his faculties intact and even amazed the Vet when he walked on his own the second day after the operation.

He's very weak must be supported when he walks due to the danger of him stumbling or falling and hurting his neck. Staples come out next Tuesday and it's back to the Neurologist the week after that at which time we hope to see more progress.

So he came home Tuesday and, except for the diarrhea has been making steady progress. Yeah. You're right. Diarrhea. 3:00 in the morning. Dog that can't walk too well. Buy stock in paper towel companies folks. Just saying.

Oh, here's Rollie in action before the operation:


George said...

Here's hoping Rollie will be back in action before all of you know it! And no more late-night wipe-ups!

Ironicus Maximus said...

Thanks, George. The Vet tells us the squirts are the result of some of the medications he is on and should "resolve" itslf shortly. Yeah, but Resolve is the name of a carpet spot remover. Ah, the ironicus just can't get much more maximus.