Monday, June 26, 2006

Better Think Before You Vote. Be A Shame If The Troops Couldn't Come Home Because Of You

Finally we have a plan to bring the troops home from Bush's folly. Except that we don't. Well, we do, but it's not really a "plan" plan, more of a sort of perhaps...ah...shall we say...carrot? Yes, a carrot that could become a stick if you were to...oh...we don't know...maybe vote the wrong way?

Cynical ploy? Why heavens no. It's just know...staying the course and all that might mean that it could be that possibly there might be a scenario in which the probability would be that in certain circumstances it could be predicted that the likelihood might exist in which the feasibility of a hypothetical troop reduction has the potential of becoming practicable. Right General Casey?

The White House confirmed on Monday that the top U.S. military commander in Iraq has drafted a plan for U.S. troop cuts there, but said the plan was just one option being considered and was not set in stone. "It all depends on what the electorate...I mean the Iraqis do between now and the election...I mean now and the end of the year," said a White House aide who asked not to be identified.

Well, at least that's a glimmer of hope, right Mr. Snowjob? "I would caution very strongly against everybody thinking, `Well, they're going to pull two brigades out,'" the White House press secretary said. "Heck, we don't even know what a 'brigade' is."

The New York Times reported that Casey had drafted a plan that would first reduce U.S. troops in Iraq in September and then cut the number of combat brigades to five or six from the current level of 14 by the end of 2007. "That's dependent on holding the House of mean peace on the ground in Iraq," added a Pentagon representative.

Snowjob refused to disclose what Casey told Bush but said the general has "a number of scenarios in mind for differing situations on the ground." He said planning would change based on conditions on the ground. "We've got the hold our majority scenario, the lose the House but hold the Senate scenario, and the lose the Senate but hold the House scenario.," Snowjob said.

When asked if the White house had planned for losing both House and Senate Snowjob replied that was the "invade Iran" scenario.

Bush, facing waning support over the past year for the Iraq war, has repeatedly said that troop withdrawals will take place as Republican forces become more able to assume control. A revised statement was later released from the White House that removed "Republican" and replaced it with "Iraqi." The error was attributed to left wing blogger Markos Moulitsas who, using his control of the internet, intercepted the press release and changed it to embarrass the president.

I'm certainly not going to announce in advance anything that General Casey may have in mind for the president or that he may be recommending," Snowjob said. " We just don't do that in a time of war. And war is just what the Democrats are waging against patriotic Americans. Well, except that they always want to cut and run so they really aren't in a position to wage war. We still need to get some bugs worked out of our message."

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