Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Hound Blogging

Ah, another FHB. We have to admit to being a little ragged around the edges this week, mostly due to the extreme attention we've been paying to Rollie's bung hole, the odd hours at which he gets various meds, and ultimately because we've had to stay sober through the whole ordeal. The sacrifices we make for our animals...

Anyway, the pooch continues to make steady progress in his recovery, but rather than put all the effort into pointing out yet again the vacuity, hypocrisy and in humaneness of the overlord world, we thought we'd bring you a happy story.

If you were an orphaned greyhound, Shana Laursen's foster home for ex-racing dogs wouldn't be a bad place to go. Ain't that the truth. When your options are dying, being sold for medical experiments, or heading to a stint in the dog motel, well, there's not much to think about is there?

Shana Laursen started serving as a foster greyhound mom last year for Greyhound Friends for Life, a Bay Area-based group that helps find homes for ex-racing dogs. Group members say greyhounds are over-bred by the racing industry and cast-off the minute they fail to be profitable. Hey. That's not fair. The overlords are all about the needs of the dogs. Oops. We didn't say that right. The overlords are all about the needs of the winning dogs. Told you we were tired.

"It's such a wonderful thing she has done here," said Susan Netboy, founder of Greyhound Friends for Life. "She's one of the best foster moms ever." Laursen is able to take more dogs than most foster homes, which can only take two to three at a time, she said. "With this kind of facility, she can be very active in adoptions and match the right dog to the right person," Netboy said.

And speaking of someone looking for the right person, heeeeeere's Splinter Man!

Splinter Man AKA Woody is very laid back and easygoing. He wants to be petted and scratched all the time. He is a big baby; he will put his nose right in your lap or face. He seems to want to be touched all the time. He has big sad looking eyes when he wants to be petted. He loves to play and he collects all the toys – takes them to his bed. When he plays with toys, he has a lot of fun. He is a very big boy, so he is kind of like a bull in a China shop when he gets to playing. He likes to rub himself against a wall. In the morning he will rub himself against the entire bedroom, rubbing against all the furniture, storage units, and walls. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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