Monday, July 25, 2005

Why Yes Timmy. Jesus Did Play Truth Or Dare

In the interests of full disclosure we admit to being big fans of truth or dare in our younger days. The time we got Billy Lewis to admit he wet the bed until he was 12 ranks right up there with learning that the old man didn't keep a running inventory of his liquor cabinet.

Still, it never occurred to us to engage our baby sitters in the game like they apparently do at a Christian Daycare in Florida. where Tammy Sue Warren, lifted up her shirt during a game of Truth or Dare with the children.

"Everybody thinks it was dare that made her do it," said Michael Gettig, one of the children who attended the Daycare, "but it was really truth. We couldn't believe they were real."

Joshua Palin, the former director of the day-care center, and son of the affiliated church's pastor, has been charged with molesting 10 children. "I'm completely flabbergasted," his father said at a press conference. "As a kid he used to lock himself in the bathroom a lot, but we thought he was reading his Bible."

Hmmm...Maybe we should get Rick Santorum in on this. Nah. They aren't Catholic and this isn't Boston.

Palin is charged with ''daring'' children age 5 to 14 to fondle him. The former director and Boy Scout Troop Leader is also a spokesperson for the "Abstinence Only" program in the local school district said he felt he had not violated his pledge. "None of them were old enough to really know anything about sex, so it doesn't count," he said.

His court-appointed attorney, Alan Rosner, said Palin has pleaded not guilty, but declined to comment further. ''It's hard enough to stand here with a straight face and tell you my client's not a perv,'' Rosner said. "I'll probably have to get drunk before I address the jury."

A third employee, Claudia Foster, was accused of making children eat worms, smell each other's feet and pick each other's noses during Truth or Dare. Assistant State Attorney Rebecca Zima said she does not intend to prosecute Foster on those allegations. "We are going to make her eat some worms though."

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