Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Well, People On The Coasts Don't Vote Republican That Much Anyway

Admittedly, our idea of a clean environment is putting the room service tray in the hallway after an expense account meal. It's not that we dislike our mother planet, it's just that all those bugs and stuff out there give us a bad case of the creepy crawlys.

Still, we're a little concerned that our government--or at least its present manifestation --seems even less environmentally aware than we are.

President Bush ruled out any accord on climate change that involves limiting carbon emissions as a threat to the U.S. economy. "You guys wouldn't believe how big the SUV vote is back home," he told the assembled delegates.

U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair is asking governments to recognize the science of climate change and wants a plan to deal with the problem. "Heck, we don't even recognize plain old science, "said Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan, "Let alone science that cuts into profit margins."

"If people want to come together and share technologies and develop technologies and jointly spend money on research and development to help us diversify away from fossil fuels, I am more than willing to discuss it." Bush told reporters. "Not going to do anything about it, but I'll let people talk about it all they want."

"We know that the surface of the Earth is warmer, and that an increase in greenhouse gases caused by humans is contributing to the problem,'' a statement from Bush's office said Friday. "We just don't don't give a rip."

Michael Jay, Blair's representative at the weekend meeting, told journalists that the talks were "extremely difficult" and refused to rule out a statement on climate change that excludes the U.S. "It's hard to reason with people who believe the world is about to end," Jay said. "They're basic energy policy is 'We're all going to heaven soon anyway, so who cares?'"

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