Monday, July 11, 2005

We're Winning...If You Don't Count That Bombing Stuff

We're not big fans of the president's weekly radio address. Well, actually we've never listened to the thing. Radio is so old school. The guy ought to be pod casting or something if he wants to reach the kids these days. And why not liven things up with a lead in, say R Kelly, or Snoop. That would energize those South Park Republicans for sure.

Anyway, this weekend we heard Bush talked about a progress report on the war on terror he's going to give today. "It'll be a pretty short speech," said Press Secretary Scott McClellan. "The president wants to talk about his two strategies behind the war on terrorism. The first is a plan to fight the terrorists abroad, in places like London, Madrid, Bali, and so on, and the second is a strategy to bring stability and prosperity to the defense contractors"

"We will continue to deny the terrorists a safe haven and the support of rogue states," Bush said. "Well, 'deny' might be a strong word. Inconvenience maybe, or bother. Hassle is good. We're going to hassle the heck out of them. And did I say 'rogue states?' I meant our friends in Pakistan."

Some have questioned whether Bush's strategy to fight the terrorists abroad so "we do not have to face them at home" is working when terrorists are planting bombs on London's public transportation. "Look at a map, said McClellan. "Last time I checked, London was 'abroad.'"

Bush's homeland security adviser, Fran Townsend, defended the strategy. "The war in Iraq", she said, attracts terrorists there "where we have a fighting military and a coalition that can take them on and not have the sort of civilian casualties that you saw in London. Well, except when we do have the sort of civilian casualties that you saw in London. But hey. That means there are less terrorists in Iraq which means our troops are safer. It's a win win."

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