Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Hound Blogging

We're coming to you today from the David and Goliath Department here in the marbled halls of IM Central. DAG is a division of the My Lawyer Is Bigger Than Your Lawyer Company, a wholly owned subsidy of Don't Make Me Open A Can OF DMCA On Your Scrawny Buttocks, LLC.

It seems a few weeks ago the animal rights wackos at Grey2K published a video titled The Secret Lives Of Greyhound Puppies which was a compilation of photographs taken by the overlords at greyhound farms in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and West Virginia.

Now, you would think that a series of photographs of the product by the producers would be how shall we say this politely...sanitized so that any of the less than seemly aspects of breeding, training and abandoning innocent living creatures for profit would be avoided. So they shouldn't have a problem when their photos get wider play, right?

Yesterday, The Secret Life of Greyhound Puppies was temporarily removed from YouTube after greyhound breeder Wendy Brotherton filed a false copyright complaint.
It seems the thing that frosted overlord Brotherton off was that Grey2K had rented a theater and was charging $15 a person to come and see the video, then distributing the money to various animal rights wackos around the country so they could develop and train animals rights Ninja teams to raid the breeding facilities and take the overlords' sons and daughters hostages until we're all forced to eat Tofu three times a day and everyone has to wear natural fibers all the time.

OK, we may be speculating a little bit there, but it's not unusual for the overlords to react badly when word of what they do gets out, because it's usually bad.

So, overlord Brotherton went all Death Star on planet Huggiepuppy, the video went down, the wackos slunk back to their lattes and the world moved on. End of story, right?

Mmm...Not quite.
On Christmas morning, greyhound advocates won a major victory when the Secret Life of Greyhound Puppies was restored by YouTube.
 Victory for the rebel alliance! The force is with us! are the lawyers. Dang! If this keeps up we may have to throw out our book of lawyer jokes, huh TK?

TK is perfect little boy. His beautiful black coat is very soft and shiny. He loves to lay his head on your lap and get petted. TK also loves to play with squeaky toys, sniff around outside and make friends with the neighbors. He is  very playful but will then lie down like other greyhounds. He has not tried to jump on furniture or counter surf. He is a very fast learner, housebroken and knows how to go up and down the stairs. Also, he doesn't mind the crate. He likes dogs his own size but not small dogs or cats. TK  loves to go for walks but needs a little work because he“prances” as he walks.  For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

Tradition Alert! As this is the last hound we are going to feature in 2012, we remind you of an Ironicus Maximus tradition because we're still sober enough to remember it ourselves. In this tradition we take the last skinny dog of the year and follow him from kennel to kouch. See how we played with the letter K? That's more subtle Ironicus Maximus humor right there. Funny too. Did you know K is the funniest letter in the alphabet?

Trust us. We know about these things.


Nancy said...

love it!

Breaker said...

Pretty interesting stuff, Barton. Are you stoned when you "write" this stuff? Or do you possess the intellectual capacity of a four year old?