Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Still Making Their Own Reality

You know, one thing you can say about republicans, well one thing other than most of them are batspit insane, is that they can multitask. Just when you'd think all of their energies would be taken up saying stupid things* about the Newtown massacre, they manage to still have time for some of the golden oldies, like Obama's birthplace.
The latest battle for the movement that believes Barack Obama is ineligible to be President was fought Monday at the state’s Electoral College vote, where a trio of Republican electors — including state GOP chair Tom Morrissey — once again raised concerns that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake during the electoral college vote. 
Well of course he did. And what better place to do it than during the electoral College vote, which as we all know, is Mitt's last hope.

Morrissey, the leader of the Republican Party in Arizona and a former president of the Committee to mainstream the Ku Klux Klan, tried to present his concerns over Obama’s eligibility as something other than birtherism. “My issue isn’t whether he was born here,” he said in Phoenix Monday. “I have questions [about Obama’s longform birth certificate] because, you know, I just don't believe they issue those in Kenya."

Morrissey said he had “a sacred trust as an elector” to raise questions about Obama’s legitimacy on the day electors officially voted. When asked if he's ever felt the need to raise those questions with any other president, Morrissey replied that he hadn't, but felt he would not hesitate to call into question the legitimacy of "any black man." Morrissey hastened to add that his concerns were not based on race because he would do the same for "those browns too. You never know how they got into this country."

Another of the electors who raised concerns, Gila County GOP chair Don Ascoli, who said he’s used to being on the losing end of the birth certificate fight, the fluoridation fight, the alien abduction fight and the gremlins in the duct work fight. But even if he’s going down, he’s going down swinging no matter what the cost to his party or his state’s reputation.“Yeah, some people are going to say, ‘Oh, those stupid Arizonans, there they go again,’” Ascoli said in an interview. “But, you know, I’d rather be right than popular. Of course right now I'm neither one of those, although I've still got the 'stupid' part going for me.”

Ascoli accepts that public skepticism over Obama’s birth certificate is waning, even in GOP circles. But he blames that on a media that’s “in the tank” for Obama. "You take people who can read and write like that? They're gonna naturally be drawn to a person like Obama what with him using complete sentences and talking without yelling and stuff." He said. "That's why I only watch Fox news."

“I know this, I share the actual beliefs of many of the white people who voted for Romney,” Ascoli said. “If you were to take a poll of Republicans in the state of Arizona, the majority would say they question the legitimacy of Black Hussein Obama. That’s my belief. I’ve never taken that poll, but I believe the majority would say that". When it was pointed out that believing things in the absence of facts was one of the reasons republicans are in the fix they are in today, Ascoli disagreed. "Facts are overrated. Too many people had the facts this election and look how that turned out."

*We certainly didn't mean t imply that republicans weren't saying a lot of stupid things about the Newtown massacre. Our favorite? Kids should be trained to rush the gunman.

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