Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Somebody Needs To Get The Sex And The City DVD's for Christmas

OK, so last time out we told you we felt pretty certain that god was telling us all he preferred funny underwear to terrorist fist bumps in the White House, but today we're not sure we're getting Yahweh's frequency at all.
Defending his stance that abortion should be illegal even in the case of rape, Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock, Republican candidate for Senate explained that pregnancy resulting from nonconsensual sex is the will of God.
Now, we're willing to stipulate to the fact that The Big Guy might have a bit of an unusual take on sex what with immaculately conceiving his own son and all, but G, this is the 21st century! Haven't you heard of Ladies Night? We mean, come on Mr. Omniscient. If you can arrange for some poor woman to be walking alone some night and put some perv in the area, surely you can arrange for some halfway decent looking guy to head to the local watering hole when it's two for one Jello Shots for chicks.

Hook ups, dude, it's not unheard of even for you divine types. Just ask Leda, although there is some discussion about whether one can have consensual sex with a swan, still, no police reports were necessary.

Look, we're not too up on your word and all, but we do have some experience with dating, so if you'd like to talk about it, we're here for you. Just no burning bush stuff, OK? Plays havoc with the smoke detectors.

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