Friday, October 05, 2012

Friday Hound Blogging

Man, we're kind of at a loss this week. No one is bashing Death Camp for Greyhounds...erm...we mean Tucson Greyhound Park, CEO Tom "The Dogs Come First" Taylor, or his brain addled sidekick Dr, Joe "Needles" Robinson (Wally's College of Veterinary Medicine and Truck Driving School class of '95). Well, there is the fact that they've apparently been breaking the law for 60 years, but that's about to change now, right Kim Janes, manager of Pima County Animal Care?
Janes said he doesn't know why the park was exempt, and about a year ago his office started investigating the matter.
Wait. You know where the track is. You know where the dogs are. We're assuming you can drive, or you know someone who can, and it's taken you a year to decide you don't know why Tommy gets to break the law? Man, Jethro Gibbs you are not.
Janes said the South Tucson's City Attorney's Office contacted his office Thursday to confirm an ordinance that the greyhounds at the park should be licensed. Janes planned to send Animal Care officers to the park this week to assess the situation. "We are going to be talking to the track and say they need to have some information for us," he said. "When we come out, we will need to see rabies vaccinations and proof of when the dog got here. If (they) don't have proof, we are going to assume it has been here more than 30 days."
We are shocked, we tell you SHOCKED that there are dogs at this dog racing track. Sounds like the overlords aren't the only ones who quit caring about the dogs when they're not "fit for purpose" huh Sylvia Martin, of West Allotment?

A former racing greyhound that was no longer ‘fit for purpose’ was found dumped at a borough retail park last week. The five-year-old dog was dangerously emaciated when she was found in the Silverlink car park in Wallsend, by Greyhound Rescue North East rehoming coordinator Sharon Morgan. “She was so thin, she was desperately trying to get food off people,” she said. “We know she was a former racing dog as her ears are marked, but she has been sold on so many times we cannot trace the owner.
Oh, now that's a shame because the greyhounds are just like family to the overlords, they come first and they're high performance athletes so they get the best of care which means Minne's owner, well maybe one of them anyway, is probably out there scouring the countryside looking for her so she can be returned to one of the loving homes that sold her on, or maybe gave her away, or just abandoned her in the park...oops, this is where we came in, right  Rusty?

Rusty is a very friendly boy who loves kids. He is learning to play with toys and he loves them. He likes to be petted but is a little reserved when he first meets you but as soon as he warms up to you, he will be your best friend. he likes cats and other dogs.He is learning to walk on a leash but needs a little more work. He would do well in a home with a single owner or a family because he loves kids. He can either be an only dog or  can live with other dogs and/or cats. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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