Monday, October 29, 2012

In Which Ironicus Puts Forth A Query

OK, it looks like Obama isn't going to be able to call off the election as some have feared, and he hasn't imported enough Muslims to guarantee his reelection either, so it appears we're all going to have to show up at the polls on election day and vote, just like we have for the last 43 presidents--who were all white by the way, but that has absolutely nothing to do with how convinced certain concerned citizens are that we're all going to be shipped off to FEMA camps by UN soldiers stationed in the country under the auspices of agenda 21 and then we'll be forced to get an abortion and gay marry an ACORN worker. After, of course, we're required to accept that global warming is real.

Which brings us to our interrogative: If you're a white guy who isn't rich enough to own a car elevator, why would you consider voting for the Mittbot?

He's run a business you say, and will thus be better on economic issues?

Have you looked at the type of enterprise he ran? It was an outfit of Armani clad pirates who swooped into a local area, bought up a business, stripped it of its assets then beat feet out of town leaving a stinking carcass and a bunch of people whose jobs were now in China.

Is that the kind of economic leadership you're looking for Bunky? Well, like we said, if you're rich enough to own a car elevator, or you've invested in Bain, sure, but if you're just some poor working stiff, you really think the Mittster gives a pustulating anal cyst what happens to you?

Maybe you think, well he agrees with me on social issues. Sure he does, but he agrees with everyone else too. In fact, if you catch him on a good day he might take both sides of an issue before you can even finish applauding when he takes the side you agree with.

He'll end Obamacare...

Yeah, right. Do you know how much big insurance loves Obamacare? It gives them a whole new guaranteed market. If Romney gets elected he'll get a phone call from some concerned insurance company CEO's and suddenly it will become too difficult to repeal Obamacare because Democrats! Besides, Obamacare is just Romneycare done by a black guy.

Look man, here's a fellow who runs around the country talking about how he's in touch with the needs of the 99%, but he doesn't even know how to sit on a bar stool. What's that tell you?

He'll make America a world leader again after Obama's apology tour...

Come on...dude doesn't even know where Iran is, England already hates him and most other countries would just as soon he stayed in one of his many mansions, preferably the one where the neighbors hate him.

We're dumb and we often vote against our own best interests...

OK, you got us there.

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