Monday, March 28, 2011

In Which Ironicus Unburdens

Those of you with lives probably haven't noticed this, but there's been a perceptible falloff in our posting schedule these last couple of months. Now, we could say it's because we're busier at work, but if you've read more than two posts over the life of this blog you'd know that was a lie.

Actually, that may be a little true because as frequent reader(s) of this blog know, we earn our keep toiling in the bowels of the local educorporate training facility, and when we're not teaching students to wipe their butts with pages torn from the bible and gay marry their aborted fetuses instead of learning to read and write, we're having our chauffeur take our butler down to our private accountant so that our bloated paycheck can be deposited in an offshore account to avoid paying taxes. And all this time you thought is was greedy bankers and scruple free hedge fund managers that wrecked the economy.

Nope. It was teachers, and not just teachers, all public employees. We're like the New Black Panthers, man, nothing but walking, talking intimidation. You pay us what we want, when we want and how we want, and maybe, just maybe we'll show up for work now and then, and don't go crying to us about you can't afford it either. You know who else said he couldn't afford it? Hitler.

Oh, and benefits.

Now, we're not really sure when public employees became the most powerful and feared segment of contemporary society, but it has caused us to rethink bloody Marys as a breakfast choice because we sure wish we could have picked up on this turn of events earlier, especially since it appears we've been found out by the new American heroes: Republican governors.

And as if that isn't enough, everywhere we look it seems our years of slowly strangling lady liberty are coming to an end. Besides ending the free ride for working people, there's the revoking of child labor laws, rewriting the First Amendment for Christians, getting those brown people out of the country, and of course the new war. All are examples of America returning to her roots and her core principals.

Someone once said satire is anger turned sideways, and lately we've been turned sideways so much we've got a crick in our necks, so you'll excuse us if we get a little depressed some days when we get up, switch on the intertoobz and see the country we've worked so hard to wreck all these years snatched from our living wage, education is a public good, free speech, nation of immigrants, war is not the answer clutches.

So close, man. So close.

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