Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Hound Blogging

You know, we've been thinking about our old buddy Tom Taylor a lot lately here in the marbled halls of IM Central. Say what you will about Tommy (and we often did) he could always be counted on for a bit of dissembling, some avoidance of the issue, or just out right lies when it came to the treatment of the units down at Tucson Death Camp for Greyhounds. But since he was unceremoniously dumped it's like a light has gone out of our lives. If by light you mean pustulating horror of cold, empty, silent blackness, sucking the humanity from your very soul.

Anyway, we got to wondering what was going on at the TGP injury and death factory post Tommy so we took to the interwebs and what before our wandering eyes should appear but:

 Whoa! Income drops 21% in just one year? Bet you wish you had old Tommy back now, huh nameless behind the scenes absentee owners of the park who prefer to remain anonymous but whose initials are Joseph Zappala and Robert Consolo Jr?

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, so what are the plans to keep the heartless exploitation of innocent living creatures for profit going when no one seems to want it?
A high-ranking state administrator is asking the city of South Tucson to consider rescinding a 2008 voter initiative banning steroid injections for racing greyhounds. Arizona Department of Racing Director Bill Walsh sent a memo to South Tucson two weeks ago asking the city to revisit the law.
OK, first of all we feel obligated to point out that referring to Bill Walsh as a "high-ranking state administrator" is like referring to Ted Cruz as a far sighted philosopher-politician, but more to the point, is this the best you can do? Let's start shooting up the dogs again and everything will be all right? That's your big solution?
Walsh said state law designates the Racing Department as the sole regulator of horse and dog racing in Arizona. By implementing the measure, South Tucson subverted the department’s “power and authority to regulate the industry and the property on which the races are conducted,” Walsh wrote in the memo.
Oh. Excuse us. This isn't about the dogs at all. Little Billy got the hurt fee fees 'cause mean old South Tucson took his ball away. Poor baby.
Even though South Tucson’s attorney hasn’t issued an opinion yet, South Tucson City Manager Luis Gonzales said it’s unlikely the council will overturn the voter-approved ordinance when it discusses the topic at Wednesday’s meeting. But the council might decide to amend the animal-control agreement with Pima County to eliminate the enforcement provision for injecting greyhounds with steroids at Tucson Greyhound Park, Gonzales said.
Now, let's make sure we have this straight. You pass a law that says you can't shoot up the greyhounds and interfere with their natural cycle just so you can suck a few extra bucks off them, now you're thinking about passing a law that says you can't enforce the first law--which by the way is still on the books. Isn't that sort of like saying you're having safe sex with a condom made of cheesecloth Peter?

Peter is a 9 year old brindle love bug. He is currently living with both large and small doggies, and cats in his foster home and is also good with kids. He seems to prefer the small doggies in his foster home over the big ones but gets along well with everyone. He loves having a fenced yard so he can walk around and sniff and mark every blade of grass. He likes to ride in the car, seems to be somewhat particular with his food. Sleeps on his back w four feet in the air (Roaching) and is an all around relaxed, good boy. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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