Thursday, March 28, 2013

OK, Quit With The Applause

We're going to be dimming the lights on this blog. Not shutting them off entirely, but as the bard said, "There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio. ... Than are written of in your blog," and while we're not sure why anyone would name their kid Horatio, we have to admit, we get the point.

Ironicus was about pointing and laughing because when the stupid is thick and the idiots are thicker it's all we could do--other than crawl in a hole and pull the good earth over ourselves. But if we've learned anything on this blog it's that there are more people out there who deserve not to be allowed into adult society than we have fingers to point, or strength to laugh.

So we're taking a different tack as it were, an alternate direction, another path. Two thoughts diverged in a silly blog, and we sat on a stump and yelled at the birds. Or something, we may not be remembering that correctly. Anyway,  come visit if you like, but notice we said dimming the lights, not turning them off. We'll be back from time to time to direct a digit and share a guffaw because, as the bard also said, "Though age from folly could not give me freedom, It does from childishness." Well, occasionally anyway. It's not a perfect system, you know? Oh look, Louis Gohmert is talking. Let's go over...OK, OK. Maybe next week...


scripto said...

Ah man, now I gotta figure out how to post a new link. Don't be a stranger. Or don't get any stranger. Or something.

Nancy said...

My highlight on a Friday was FHB. I did take joy from this and it did feed some of my posts.

I will miss these but I will follow your new one.

Just don't let Tommy the Tool off the hook, please. He sure doesn't deserve that.