Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Maybe for The Next Anniversary The Bush Administration Could All Go On A Nice Cruise. And Get A Norovirus

Man. Has it been ten years already? What is the tenth anniversary anyway? Nobody seems to agree. Some say tin, some aluminum, some diamonds (we're thinking the first two suggestions come from the gifters, and the third from the giftee).

Well, protocol aside, we'd be willing to call it even if the Iraqi's would just pony up for the cost of the war like they are supposed to. Of course there has been some inflation. Originally the price of capturing all of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction was $700 billion. Turns out we will spend about $6 trillion (if you count things like missing arms and legs). A little higher than we expected, but that does include the gratuity.

We can understand why the Iraqi's have been late with their payment though. Since we gave them a free and prosperous country they've been busily trying to blow it to pieces, restore levels of corruption to pre-invasion levels, and just generally make each others' lives miserable. Sort of like the republican platform, but without the sense of humor.

The war actually started before Ironicus became Maximus, but we do remember our first ever post dealing with it. Turns out we were pretty prescient, huh, spreading the blame around like that. The only group we left out was the press but you can't really blame them for blowing the whole government oversight, watchdog thing because that's the year Queer Eye for the Straight Guy debuted. Game changer man, game changer!

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