Monday, October 04, 2010

Each Friend Represents A World In Us, A World Possibly Not Born Until They Arrive

Ever lose a good friend you never met? We did on Saturday

September 17, 2001 - October 1, 2010


detroit dog said...

So sorry for the passing of Nigel.

We'll say a greyt prayer for him.

George said...

Thanks for the memorial for Nigel, IM.

greygarious said...

Sympathies to everyone who loved Nigel. Bloat (A.K.A. volvulus, torsion) is a particular danger for large, deep-chested dogs. Owners need to familiarize themselves with symptoms, because early enough treatment may save the dog. It seems, however, to occur at a lower rate in racing greyhounds than in AKC greyhounds. The reverse is true in regards to bone cancer. My personal take on this is that racers with bloat would usually be put down, so they do not go on to be bred after retirement. Hence, they do not pass along a bloat tendency to future generations. AKC dogs who bloat may have surgery, and later reproduce, depending on whether or not their owners believe there is a hereditary element to the condition. On the other hand, bone cancer is an old dog's disease and until the 1980's most greyhounds weren't alive long enough to develop it. Many of them would already have had litters before becoming ill. Bone cancer is more
common in large breeds than smaller ones, and seems more prevalent in racing greyhounds than in most or all other large breeds. Not sure how much research has been done on the frequency but there is a lot of current research into osteosarcoma in greyhounds.

karyn said...

I am so sorry to hear about Nigel. He is joining so many of our glorious hounds who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge before him.
I'm sure Nigel knew he was much loved.
Your fan
Karyn Zoldan - Tucson