Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Hound Blogging

One thing you can say about the overlords...well...there are a lot of things you can say about the overlords, but this is a family blog, so we're not going to say most of them. The one thing we do want to say is they never let an attack on the tick-like existence they lead go unanswered. This isn't as hard as it seems though, because no matter what you say to them their response is always the same.  We have to kind of admire that because it's much simpler to just ignore the reality of death and injury you cause and keep repeating the same talking points over and over like some sort of incantation that will magically cast a spell over people with souls and cause them to forget that you exploit innocent living creatures for (no) profit. We mean, what's the alternative? Face up to the fact that you're responsible for the injury, death and abandonment of hundreds, perhaps thousands of greyhounds? Man. Imagine looking in a mirror every morning and seeing the faces of all those dogs you put in harm's way, who died trying to earn you a trailer payment. Obviously, deluding yourself is the only way to get through the day.

Which brings us to one Elenore Sobel, the Florida Legislator who tried to get the Greyhound Sanity Act through the legislature, and almost succeeded until she ran into weapons grade doofus Will Weatherford. Now Senator Sobel has penned an editorial in which she respectfully asks Mr. Weatherford how many time he was dropped on his head as a child. We're going to go with one more than necessary to produce a man with the mental acuity of dental floss, but  our interest here isn't so much with Mr. Weatherford's inability to tell his elbow from a hole in the ground as it is with the comments of the overlords who come to his defense. For example, overlord Rich Borgadus opines:
Since this completely inaccurate letter is most certainly satire, my only question is how much money "Senator" Sobel lined her pocket with in writing such obvious fallacies.
Now, we all know "Not True!" is a common overlord response when presented with a truth about the heartless barbarity of their "sport," but what makes this iteration of an overlord talking point remarkable is the comment immediately before in which overlord Leslie Csokasy declaims:
I actually have each and every report since May 2013. From May 2013 - Dec 2013 there were 73 deaths. In January - March, 2014, there were 28 deaths total. Over half of these, iwere(sic) on track and many could have been mitigated by the three point safety plan. The remainder of the deaths that occurred were from real life illness or congenital issues...
 So, just before overlord Bogardus dismisses Seantor Sobel's argument as "inaccurate" overlord Csokasey explains its accuracy. What are we to make of this, other than overlord Borgardus is too dumb to read what he's commenting on. Perhaps overlord Csokasey failed to read the memo detailing how arguments against the humanity of sacrificing sentient living creatures at the altar of (no) profit should be dealt with by obfuscating, dissembling and distorting. Pay attention at the meetings Csokasey. Overlord Conway, the next commentator doesn't want to have to explain to to you again.

But before we move on to overlord Conway's comment, we'd like to take a moment and discuss the "3 point plan" Overlord Csokasey refers to. Now, we've dealt with this before, but never really got to the crux of the question which is, why do the overlords think they need legislative action to have a 3 point plan? Well, the short answer is because the mean track owners won't spend the money to upgrade their tracks, thus forcing the overlords to race their dogs in unsafe conditions. It's not like the overlords could refuse to let their dogs run or anything, you know boycott and stuff. Besides, it's just the dogs that get hurt. You can always get another dog.

But back to overlord Conway:
Do human athletes have a call book so we can ban them from running? DO dogs playing in parks keep records of injuries? The greyhounds lead a wonderful life. They are pampered, massaged and allowed to run free for great chunks of the day. When they want to rest, they rest. When they want to play, they play. Go and LOOK with your own eyes the incredible close relationship between dogs and trainers. Happy dogs win. Unhappy dogs don't run.
 Now see overlord Csokasey? That's how its done. A whole paragraph in response that doesn't come within a parsec of the point Senator Sobel was making. Why, the only taking point that's missing is the one about how the dogs love to run in a circle chasing a lure so their owners can afford a happy meal on the way home. Did we get that right Aster? You've probably heard it more times than we have.

Handsome Aster is a silly hound. He dreams of being a guard dog! This big boy is not your ordinary guard dog. He will alert you to emergency and law enforcement presence by howling (sometimes called singing) along with the sirens... in case you were in doubt. He is only good at this in emergencies... LOL. Okay, he's not any kind of a guard dog. He runs to the door to sing with TV sirens too. Goofy boy! And guard dogs cannot be caught running from the garbage can when the sensor opens it ! Aster is in foster learning house rules and busy exploring new things. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here and here.


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