Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Hound Blogging

We've been kind of depressed here in the marbled halls of IM Central since finding out last week that friend of the blog Tom (This place is a Taj Mahal of dog tracks ) Taylor had been shown the door. What could the overlords have been thinking, dumping a man who had done so much to improve the public image of greyhound exploitation? We mean, with his side kick Joe "Needles" Robinson (Wally's College of Veterinary Medicine and Truck Driving School, class of '95) Tom had first flaunted, then broken all sorts of laws, until finally they just ignored laws completely. We're not sure there could have been a much better ambassador for the heartless killing and injuring of innocent living creatures for profit than old Tommy, unless it's the guy who forgot to dump the greyhound after they killed it, but in his defense we have to believe that the firing of Tommy has sent shock waves through the entire overlord world. We mean, when as revered and well known a figure in animal exploitation as Tommy can be cut down in the prime of his career like that, well, you just have to wonder who's next, right Melbourne Greyhound Park and Club 52 general manager, Pat Biddix?
The money flowing through Melbourne Greyhound Park and Club 52 as a result of live dog races fell nearly 30 percent in the past year.And some — including the track’s general manager, Pat Biddix — see that as a positive. Biddix and many of his colleagues across the state would rather not have to offer live dog racing at their venues...
That's right. Time to circle the wagons. Time to show folks just how crucial the overlords are to the success of  an industry that treats living creatures like so many used toasters. Time to form a union maybe, or, wait, what?
“Nobody bets on dog racing,” said Biddix, adding that only a handful of people ever show up to watch live dog races .“And we gave up trying to promote it,” he said. “It’s a product that’s old.”
Holy Crap! Even the overlords don't want to be overlords anymore. And what's this old thing? What do you mean old dude? You're dumping greyhounds two years old or younger on adoption groups because they're not fast enough to make you money.  Heck, some greyhounds never even make it to their first birthday because you don't think they'll ever be competitive. Where you getting this old thing?
“Melbourne is right, they’re not making money off of it,” said Dennis Tyler, of Greyhound Pets of America of Central Florida Inc.
Oh, we get it. So when you say getting old you mean it's the idea that we can make our living sucking a few bucks off the backs of the dogs that's getting old. Shoot man, we could have told you that years ago, but we're glad to see you finally saved up enough money to buy a clue, right Knight?

I am very laid back and am having a wonderful time learning to live in a home. I take everything in stride. I love to go outside and play. I also love going for walks and do very well on the leash. I don’t really like being in my crate. I love larger dogs but I haven’t met any small ones yet. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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