Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dancing Dave Gregory Learns A New Step

We're coming to you today from the Cognitive Dissonance Department here in the marbled halls of IM Central. The CDD is a division of the No Self Awareness Here Company, a wholly owned subsidy of Cluelessness Isn't A Bug It's A Feature, Inc.

It seems that recently Dancing With The Stars wannabe David Gregory invited Glenn Greenwald, a real journalist, to come on Meet (NBC's Poor Excuse For) The Press to discuss the Edward Snowden affair. Now, if you watch the video below, you'll see that Greenwald has to give Dim bulb Dave the questions he should be asking (Pro Tip: Davey, you're a tall guy. Maybe you should do your interviews standing up, that way not as much stuff would go over your head) but instead of something important, or even germane, we get a basically meaningless question about breaking the law. Hey Dave, that's why we have Whistleblower protection programs so people will come forward with information about wrongdoing even if it means a law gets broken and especially if it is about wrongdoing in government where there is much more likely to be a law protecting the wrongdoers, so getting Greenwald to admit Snowden broke the law? Not really a coup, if you know what we mean--and you probably don't.

Anyway, then Dave the Dumb shows us that he has no idea what journalists do, no real understanding of the law, or pretty much anything else that doesn't have a snappy downbeat when he asks why Greenwald shouldn't be accused of "aiding and abetting" Snowden.

In just under a minute Greenwald explains  what a journalist does, why it matters and basically why the dancing ditzo isn't one. The video ends there so we don't get a chance to hear Gregory's response, but we're betting it wasn't along the line of "Thanks for clearing the up Mr. Greenwald."

Hey Dave, as long as we're talking about aiding and abetting, why shouldn't you be charged with aiding and abetting war criminals when you had people like Darth Cheney and his posse on your show and asked them hard hitting questions like how big will the mushroom cloud be if we don't invade countries that had nothing to do with 9/11? Why shouldn't you be charged with aiding and abetting the destruction of the Fourth Amendment when you have some of the Big Brother crowd on your show and ask them probing questions like can you tell us why the people who think PRISM is illegal are Muslim sympathizers?

Truth is, while you've been sitting on your well compensated butt stroking the powers, people like Greenwald have been out there trying to do the job journalists are supposed to be doing. There's a reason this story broke in the foreign press dude, and it ain't because you were away from your desk when Snowden called.

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