Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Simplify Your Message Or We're Going Back To Following Sarah Palin Around

OK so we're just a little confused about the media's obsession with wanting the Occupy Wall Street protesters to have a "coherent message." They do have a coherent message, it's economic justice for all, the problem is making that happen is going to be complicated and require action on several different fronts. But hey, complex problems require complex solutions, you know? Well, you would know, unless you're a CNN correspondent.

Anyway, we don't recall this much consternation over the Tea Baggers' message. Apparently "Get the Government out of Medicare" qualifies as a coherent message. Shoot man come on, those people don't even have coherent spelling.

And speaking of shoot, we'd like to respond to congressman Cantor's "concern" about the "mobs" on Wall Street: Dude, we'd much rather go to a demonstration where people are walking around with bongo drums than one where people are walking around with guns. But that's just us.

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scripto said...

Weird. Most of the Tea Baggers are old enough to be on the government dole and most of these crazy kids (Occupiers?) are either in school or working. What's needed is some Cialis for the irony circuits.