Monday, July 11, 2011

In Which Ironicus Discovers That History Does Repeat Itself, But It Stutters

OK here's what we're thinking. You got your democrats like FDR who said the only thing to fear is fear itself, and unleashed the power of government to effect people's lives in a positive way, John Kennedy who brought us together and inspired us to reach for the stars, Lyndon Johnson who inaugurated the Great Society by, among other things, signing the Civil Rights Act and Bill Clinton who got us out of the previous republican deficit.

Then you got your republicans like Herbert Hoover who sat on his hands as the first great depression washed through the country like some kind of economic Katrina, Ronald Reagen who started us down this road, George Bush the younger who...cripes, what didn't he do? Started wars, abandoned the Constitution, abandoned New Orleans, and lead us into economic ruin all while spending the fewest days on the job since Ronnie, and now Barack Obama who wants us to grow up and eat our peas and...oh wait. Obama is a democrat.

Hmm...let's see. If Bush the younger was the republican president who watched the country's economic and domestic levees all break (well when he wasn't on vacation that is) then that would make Obama FDR, the democratic president who came after and fixed things.(OK OK, so Obama doesn't have one big World War like FDR did, but he's doing his best to cover the world in a whole lot of little ones)

Yeah, ah...we just don't see how that's gonna work out. Real Estate catalog from Belize anyone?

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Seeing Eye Chick said...

Real estate in Belize? My mother was just telling me that she and her significant other might have to retire to a different country. And Belize was mentioned as was Argentina. She still works, both do, and they barely make it.

Oh well no one believed Paul Krugman either. No one will til we are all living under crumbling bridges hoping for crumbs to be tossed out the windows of tacky stretch limos on their way to the Road to Victory Tours--or whatever they call those cult meetings now.