Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Hound Blogging

Hey, it's been a while since we hopped the pond to see what the old world overlords were up to so why don't we put on our traveling shoes this week and drop in on the old sod? Cheerio overlord McLean, what's the haps?
DIANE McLEAN, who is leading the We Want Wimbledon campaign, on Wednesday said she felt there was a growing view that the Galliards development plan around a football stadium for AFC Wimbledon “was seen as simply impractical given the scale of housing required to fund it.”
Still Wimbledon huh? Seems we've seen this movie before, but whatever, catch us up on the latest there DM.
She explained its enabling scheme, which involves 600 apartments, faced major planning hurdles “due to the major flood plain and transport issues.”
When asked to explain what "major flood plain and transport issues" meant she said she wasn't sure because she didn't understand all that "fancy talk," but she had been assured that those issues wouldn't affect a greyhound track "because reasons."
Paschal Taggart, who is behind a rival plan that includes a world class greyhound track, has now revised his scheme to reflect expert advice.
"Actually the 'expert advice' was to get out of greyhound racing while I still had two shillings to rub together," Taggart told reporters, "but then I thought about all the greyhounds who would be deprived of pain, suffering and death, and all the rubes who would be able to pay their rent on time if I backed out and I just knew this was a thing I had to do being a scruple free, soulless, pitiless economic predator and all."
“I don’t expect AFC Wimbledon to have any chance of success – they need a genie in a bottle to get through the serious problems,” Taggart said.
"I mean football? Really," he continued. "Come on. This is England. Are you seriously going to tell me that football is more popular than greyhound racing? What cave have you been living in?"
His number of planned apartments have been cut from 550 to 348, with fewer car parking places as a result. A greyhound stadium is seen as more viable.
"This is a no brainer," Taggart said. "I mean who wants to live next to a greyhound track? We probably could cut the number of apartments to four and still have vacancies. And as for parking, hey the average attendance at a race is 12 people, and most of them come on public transportation because they're too drunk to drive"
Taggart added that tactically he might not submit an application at all, because he believes the AFC Wimbledon bid had no chance of success and would be rejected straight away.
When asked how that strategy would benefit him Taggart replied that by not making an application, when the AFC Winbledon application was rejected there would be no other applications pending and thus his application would be approved. If he had submitted it. "It's advanced business strategy," he told reporters. "If I have to explain it, you won't understand."

His new plan will be on show at a meeting organized by Wimbledon Park Residents Association – who crucially are backing greyhound racing over football because one of the requirements for membership on the Residents Association is Traumatic Brain Injury.

Well, on the bright side, if they do build the track it will draw the drug addicts, pick pockets and petty thieves so that should make law enforcement's job easier, right Marco?

I am just grinning ear to ear! Foster life is everything I hoped for; soft bed, car rides, yummy food and lots of love! I'm so happy I can't stop my tail from wagging, even when I am drinking! They tell me forever homes are even better... No way! I've got the best foster siblings, I can't stop kissing them! And it's going to get better than this? Oh Boy! For more information about these dogs, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here and here.

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