Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Hound Blogging

Hey, you remember back in school when you had that crush and you wondered if the feelings were mutual? Remember how you would rack your brain trying to decode whatever the object of your affection said, or did (or didn't do)? Perhaps you even went as far as to write the classic note "I like you. Do You like me? Check one: Yes.   No.   Not Sure.   Don't make me get a restraining order." OK that last may be more particular to our experiences with affairs of the heart, but the point is, sometimes it's wicked hard to discern people's feelings.

And sometimes it's not.
Proposed legislation would phase out dog racing over the course of several years. Iowa's two remaining dog tracks -- Mystique Casino in Dubuque and Bluffs Run in Council Bluffs -- would pay a combined settlement of $70 million to greyhound breeders. $15 million would come from Mystique, which operates as a non-profit organization owned by the city of Dubuque, and the remaining $55 million would come from Harrah's, the private company that owns Bluffs Run.
 Seventy million dollars top make the overlords go away. Seventy Million! That's like putting a check the size of Montana next to NO. And $70 million's more money that the overlords make in...well in forever because the overlords don't make money.
“It’s not a business model that can sustain itself on its own,” said Bo Guidry, executive director of Harrah’s and Horseshoe casinos. “Since 1991, wagering in Iowa on live greyhounds has declined by 95 percent. We are being forced to subsidize an industry that has passed its time.”
Well, technically Mr. Guidry, greyhound racing isn't a "business model" at all. It's the heartless exploitation of innocent living creatures for minimal profit that causes untold suffering, injury and death to thousands of greyhounds a year by treating them as commodities without rights, feelings, or needs so that a handful of scruple-free losers can avoid gainful labor, but let's not quibble about the terminology right now and get back to that $70 mil you're willing to pay to send the overlords to Walmart greeter school.
Guidry said that for nearly two decades his casino has had to provide up to $10 million a year in subsidies to keep the track running with nothing in return.
Now that's a little harsh Mr. Guidry, don't you think? We mean, it's probably not true that you got nothing in return.  There's the devaluing of property around the tracks, the increase in crime, the urban blight, the drunks and drug addicts. OK, so that's not the kind of experience you want customers coming to the casino to have, but look at the bright side...OK there is no bright side. Seventy mil is cheap, let's get these losers out of here, right Reputable?

I am a very laid back, handsome boy. I am very friendly. I love everyone I meet. I need to be coaxed into crate a little bit but once I’m in there, I’m okay. I’m very curious, inquisitive and smart. I’m very gentle at taking treats. I haven’t yet seen a cat or a small dog. I am fine with my foster’s mid-size dogs. I love playing with my squeaky toys. I am learning how to go up and down the stairs but I still need to work on it to get better. For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here and here.

Cloud update: Cloud is adopted! Happy forever couch dude!

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