Friday, November 01, 2013

Friday Hound Blogging

Well it looks like the animal rights wackos have their organically grown, all natural no GMO panties in a bunch because the overlords have gotten together at their semi-annual mutual admiration society meeting in Abilene and while they were there engaged in a little old fashioned horse trading. Um, actually it was greyhound trading, and there's really nothing old fashioned about it because they do it every year.

But the thing that really put the frost on the wacko's pumpkin was
Greyhound breeders claim that they love their dogs. However, reading through this year's official Fall Auction Program, it seems that the dogs are nothing more than products.
"Hey, what else are you going to call a highly trained athlete you've invested a lot of  love and care into and who is practically a member of the family," said one overlord in attendance who declined to give her name because her family thought she was at a used car sales convention and she didn't want them to find out what she really did.

Darn straight anonymous overlord. Why, earlier this year we commented to a friend that if the Detroit Lions were to improve this year they would need some better products on defense. But don't get us wrong, current defensive players can stay. We're not suggesting selling any of them for medical research. Besides, as one other overlord was heard to comment, "These are working dogs. What should they be called? It's not like they're members of the family or anything."
For example, the entry for a three-year-old female greyhound named WW's Fly Away indicates that she is being sold as part of an "overstock reduction sale."
Hey, what a coincidence. The Detroit Tigers are having an overstock sale too. Jhonny Peralta anyone? Take your time. It's not like we're going to shoot him if there's no interest.
One of the greyhounds being auctioned off for breeding was nine years old, and at least seven other dogs were eight years old.
Yeah. So what's your point? Nine years old in dog years is only about 61 in people years. That dog couldn't even get Social Security. Well, if they had Social Security for greyhounds that is, or any retirement plan for her short of being used until she dies. But hey, that solves the problem of what to do with her when she got too slow to race anymore, right?
Another entry, for eight-year-old Flying Brookside, states that she "offers the opportunity to own a Kiowa Sweet Trey daughter" and adds that two of her sisters have "been excellent producers."
That gives us an idea. Anyway the Lions could get an option on Peyton Manning's kids? But only if it looks like they've inherited Dad's arm. If not they can stay at home. We wouldn't suggest culling them or anything just because they can't play football. Maybe they could be sportswriters, or if they lack even that much talent, color commentators.  Hey Walt. How many choices for a career did you get?

Walt is a 9 year old Brindle boy who is a very content doggie. He gets along very well with his foster brother and sister and is very calm, cool and collected as any cool dude should be! Adopting a senior is such a rewarding experience--why not give it a try. Walt is dark brindle in color and has a distinguished white face. We don't think kitties are his style but he really loves his walks and chasing his greyhound sister in the yard for fun. Walt is up to date on all shots and is looking for his forever home--hope you'll give Walt some consideration because he's got a lot of good livin' to do! For more information about this dog, and other rescued racing greyhounds looking for homes, go here. If you don't know about the plight of racing greyhounds go here.

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